Support local, shop local, play local

We have asked that you support and shop local. Now we suggest that you play local, too.

Belmont County offer visitors unique and beautiful destinations with opportunities for making memories with family and friends. Whether it is walking down a wooded trail, discovering small-town hidden gems or enjoying the hospitality of locally owned shops, Belmont County offers a variety of free and fun experiences for you to enjoy.

Many will tell you that there is an abundance of beautiful and scenic landscapes in this area.

This is especially important to those who enjoy outdoor recreation.

This area also has many parks and trails that will make you want to get outside.

You can enjoy family time while camping in the hills of Appalachian Ohio at Barkcamp State Park, Zion Retreat & RV Park, or Piedmont Lake.

You will find plenty of recreational activities such as archery, zip lining, boating, fishing and hiking.

Roam among the canopies and untouched growth of Dysart Woods, the largest remaining tract of old growth forest in Southeastern Ohio.

Another great way to get some fresh air and take in the amazing views of the area is to go geocaching and embark on a journey that will take you across the county where unique treasures wait to be found.

Belmont County Explore More GeoTour Geocaching is a free outdoor activity in which participants use a GPS system to navigate their way to hidden containers, called “caches.”

It began on May 3, 2000 when computer consultant, Dave Ulmer, wanted to test the newest upgrade to public GPS systems by hiding a targeted item in the woods.

Originally, it was called the “Great American GPS Stash Hunt.” Later it became known as Geocaching, where people go on a quest to find hidden caches, swap out knick knacks from previous participants, and sign their names in logbooks. The Belmont County GeoTour has quickly become a regional favorite tour, with thousands of finds from participants within the first year of being launched.

Perhaps you are looking for something simpler and relaxing to do.

Our area has over 20 historical sites and landmarks that people can visit and learn from.

We are home to seven museums which offer rich history of not only Belmont County, but of the geographical area.

The Belmont County Heritage Museum offers guests the chance to discover the many communities that make up Belmont County while exploring narratives from locals who have expressed their experiences through stories and artifacts.

Attend community events, such as outdoor community concerts, wellness hikes/activities, or free events hosted by our local libraries. There is always something going on.

Every summer, local bands and artists offer live public performances. All you need is your lawn chair.

Lastly, there are plenty of opportunities for visitors to enjoy a scenic drive. Our county is the only county in the state of Ohio with three scenic byways: Historic National Road (U.S. 40), Drover’s Trail (Ohio 149 to Ohio 147 to Ohio 800) and Ohio River Scenic Byway (Ohio 7).

When traveling along these routes, you are sure to see breathtaking views of our hilly farmland, painted barns and riverfront communities. Hop on your bike and travel along State Route 26, which is known as one of the best motorcycle routes in the country.

Cruise along West Captina Highway and follow the windy Captina Creek, a 35-mile-long tributary of the Ohio River.

There are many things to do here that only require a tank of gas or less.

Give your wallet a rest while you explore the great attractions we have to offer.

From exploring back roads, earthy trails, historical sites, visiting parks, and attending community events, you are sure to have a fun and memorable time in our area.

Barb Ballint, executive director of the Belmont County Tourism. provides information about the tourism office, local attractions, upcoming events, and other local finds in Belmont County. She shares information about the travel and tourism industry and its impact on our local economy.


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