Monroe County planning to construct a fuel station

T-L Photo/CARRI GRAHAM Monroe County Engineer Amy Zwick, left, speaks with commissioners about a proposed fuel station project during Tuesday’s meeting. Once constructed, the facility would provide fuel for numerous entities in the county including the engineer’s office, sheriff’s office and park board. Also pictured, from left, are Commissioners Mick Schumacher, Bill Bolon and Diane Burkhart.

WOODSFIELD — A proposed fuel station project that would supply fuel to multiple entities throughout the county is moving forward.

The Monroe County Transportation Improvement District is hoping to secure funding through the Ohio Department of Transportation’s TID Program to help fund the construction of a new fuel station that would provide gasoline and diesel fuel to county entities including the engineer’s office, sheriff’s office and the park board. The project would save the county funds by enabling it to purchase fuel in bulk and allow the county to have a facility with a backup power station, according to officials.

Amy Zwick, engineer for the county, met with Commissioners Mick Schumacher, Bill Bolon and Diane Burkhart to discuss the project during Tuesday’s meeting. She said they are hoping to secure funding through the TID Program which, does not have a cap amount on its grants.

“There’s no cap but they will not fund an entire project. They want to see other funding sources and local involvement,” she said.

Commissioners had previously earmarked $50,000 toward the project; however, Zwick said additional funds are needed to cover the initial costs of the shared-fuel facility project.

“The bare minimum that we would need to get everything up and running is above that amount. Just to do the initial assessment, total graphic survey, all the environmental reviews, the engineering and construction plans, that totals $61,450,” she said.

She said the TID board recently reviewed proposals from various engineering firms to conduct the initial work for the project. ADR and Associates of Newark, Ohio, was selected to perform the work. In addition to the $61,450 for the firm to complete the work, there is also a cost of $4,400 for the pre-design, post-design and construction consulting work, totaling $65,850. Zwick asked commissioners to consider contributing the remainder of the funds needed to proceed with the work. After some discussion, commissioners agreed to earmark an additional $15,850 to help cover the cost.

Sheriff Charles Black Jr., who was also present for the discussion, asked how the new system will be managed once it’s constructed. Zwick said it will operate on a “two-card system” where each employee would have a card and each piece of equipment or vehicle would have a card to keep track of what entity is utilizing the fuel.

“It would then be distributed, billing wise, to whoever owns those pieces of equipment or vehicles,” she added.

Black then inquired about the cost savings that having the facility will offer the county. Zwick said having access to its own fuel source will save approximately 15 to 20 cents per gallon by purchasing fuel in bulk as opposed to regular trips to a gas station. It will also include a backup power source, which will allow the county access to fuel in case of a power outage.

The new fuel station will be constructed along Moore Ridge Road near the engineer’s office and the county jail. There is not yet an estimated total cost for the project.


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