Appeal is worth it

Earlier this month, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine took an important step in ensuring state government is not actively creating a burden for itself when he asked Attorney General Dave Yost to take legal action to reverse the Biden administration’s decision to withdraw the Medicaid work requirements in Ohio.

“Removing a provision that says a healthy, able-bodied individual should be working, looking for work, participating in job training, or participating in a recovery program in order to receive free taxpayer-funded healthcare is contrary to Ohioans’ values,” DeWine said.

“Eliminating reasonable requirements discourages people from becoming self-sufficient and only reinforces government dependency.”

Since 2017 Ohio has had work requirements for the Medicaid expansion population. It was a move designed to fulfill responsibility to both taxpayers and those who need help getting back on their feet.

That seems to be a balanced and compassionate approach to a difficult issue. Certainly it is not too much to ask that healthy, capable individuals make an effort to improve their own situations while getting help that is funded with other people’s money.

Federal officials struck down that attempt last month, instead appearing to want to keep as many people on taxpayers’ dime as possible.

Yost’s office has filed a notice of appeal.

There will be work to do if that appeal is to be successful, but it is worth it to motivate those receiving assistance and to reassure those paying for it.


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