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Dear Editor,

There is an account in the Bible of two women who shared the same home. They both had babies and one rolled over in the middle of the night and killed her baby. She claimed the other woman’s baby was her own and both came to King Solomon to settle the dispute. The king, hearing their pleas, could not decide and said he would cut the surviving baby in half and give each a part. The woman who had killed her child said it was OK with her. The woman who was the real mother cried out, “Let her have the child.” King Solomon knew then who the real mother was and awarded her the child.

My analogy is this. The Democrats, the mainstream media, the leftists of college campuses, activist judges and the globalist leadership of the House and Senate are the mom who killed their baby. The baby is America. They could care less if America survives. Their goal is to get their power back and destroy (President Donald) Trump and the middle class in any way possible.

We all have seen the Kathy Griffin debacle on TV and in the news. It may be the defining moment of American civility. The left has become barbaric and vapid. The deeper analysis of her action is more reflective of the left than herself. It is symbolism at its deepest meaning. The left, the Democrats, the liberals, the mainstream media and the globalist want to “decapitate” the government.

Are we so caught up in the moment that we do not remember what life was becoming under Obama? Hillary was getting away with crimes that would have sent any other candidate to jail in releasing classified information.

Many within the leftist stronghold held Venezuela up as a shining example of how much good a state-controlled society could do for its citizens. You know, free health care and such. Bernie Sanders was one of their biggest champions, actually going to see Chavez. Today, the great socialist program of Venezuela is in shambles. Zoo animals and pets are eaten. People are dying in hospitals, People are getting up at 3 in the morning to stand in line for a ticket so that they can stand in another line for food, which they may get by 3 in the afternoon. But don’t take my word for it. Go on YouTube and type in “Venezuela crisis.”

I guess what I am trying to get at is this. When those of the “deep state” leak the name of the killer so our allies like Britain cannot trust to give us information, we are in trouble. The needs of the left become more important than the security of our country. When activist judges allow people into this country who have no background checks from countries containing our enemies, then we are in trouble. When the press has a agenda to destroy the president like CNN, who it was revealed does 95 percent of its news as “hit pieces” against the president, we are in trouble. When the Democrats do nothing to help the country but scream “impeach” on nothing more than innuendo about Russia, while giving passes to James Comey, Susan Rice, Susan Powers, Hillary and Obama, then we are in trouble.

The Bible says a time will come when evil will be good and good will be evil. This country is under attack from the left, socialist, Marxist, Islamic terrorist, the media, Democrats, universities, judges, globalist corporate leaders and dictators. For them to succeed the United States must be brought into line and weakened. To do that, they must destroy our values, our constitution and our middle class. We need to speak up and defend those who support the constitution, liberty and work.

I don’t want half of my baby. I want it whole. I want America strong, free and moral. I want what actually won the election for Donald Trump — a rejection of evil being called good.

Yours Truly,

Randy Marple



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