Happy with life in Bellaire

Dear Editor,

Here is my daily entry in my diary I’ve been keeping since 1982:

PTL for a wonderful dreamy nights’ sleep. I had a very happy dream. I dreamed I was in a foreign land. God is blessing me with wonderful ways to praise Him.

Each day I can exclaim, “It’s a wonderful life,” because God blesses me so! I am so happy because I am involved with so many people, places, and things — mostly right here in Bellaire!

I have traveled the world showing my love for Jesus. Recently, I’ve been traveling with my dear friend and minister Pastor Bill Marinelli of Faith Fellowship Church in Bellaire. In April 2018, he and I are making our fifth trip to Israel. In 2020, we’ll attend the Passion Play in Germany (my fourth trip there.)

For me, Bellaire is the perfect retirement community. There is so much to do here and it is a completely likeable community. I’m riding my bike daily and I’m involved in so much! People wonder why my bike is so small — it fits into my elevator and my car when I travel.

Folks, visit your public library. It is a treasure house of information and activity. Folks, get involved with church. In every community, there are churches on nearly every corner! You’ll have more to talk about. You’ll meet new people of all ages and make new friends. Life offers you nothing more valuable than friendships. My quiver is full.

Doug Potts