Trump actions on Russia a concern

Dear Editor,

How disconcerting and troubling is it that President Donald Trump chooses to either deny and/or completely downplay the recently revealed plot by the Russian government to pay bounties to Taliban militants to kill U.S. troops in Afghanistan, which was confirmed by U.S. intelligence officials, and that in spite of his denials, President Trump was so informed in a daily presidential briefing in February 2020 which was originally reported by The New York Times?

Specifically, it has been reported by U.S. intelligence sources that Russia made “large payments” to the Taliban following attacks that led to numerous American deaths.

These include the April 2019 car bombing that killed three U.S. Marines.

Since all this has been revealed to the public — as is appropriate — President Trump has spoken to Russian President Vladimir Putin a minimum of five times, never even bringing up the subject.

He later continued to boast about the “great friendship” he has with Russia.

He continues to serve as a strong advocate for Russia’s inclusion in the G-7 summit, despite strong objections from all other allied member nations.

It is quite obvious that President Putin appeared quite intent on restoring Russia to its previous status as a world power as part of the Soviet Union.

President Trump is unashamedly providing unwavering and undeniable support, acting as a strong advocate on Putin’s behalf.

Also, is it not imperative to discover as to why it is that President Trump is obviously so willing to dismiss troubling findings against the Russian government when investigations were conducted by our nation’s top intelligence professionals, in his defense and support of Russia?

In addition, is it not quite disturbing to witness the vast majority of Republicans’ unabashed support of President Trump in his roguish attitude to the Russians, obviously due to political motivations?

They are placing politics above country.

Perhaps President Trump’s inexplicable attitude toward Russia is based on Russia’s involvement on his behalf in the 2016 U.S. Presidential election, as well as, perhaps, his desire for them to involve themselves in a similar manner in the upcoming election, and/or as a result of President Trump’s long-time significant business dealings with Russian oligarchs?

Such actions and rhetoric are quite baffling and concerning and very much appear counter as to whom we are as a nation as the long-time undisputed leader of the free world!

Richard Hord

Martins Ferry


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