What Biden voters got for the U.S.

Dear Editor,

Thank you Biden voters!

Caution, if you read on your feelings may be hurt:

Because of you America has a 78-year-old mentally and physically impaired man in the most demanding job on the planet. (You may want to read that again.) Let us not forget the gem in the No. 2 spot.

Because of you our southern border is about to be wide open after being virtually secure since 2018, and our public schools may all reopen to, one day, in school instruction by the end of March.

Because of you the XL Pipeline is a done deal with Dakota Access possibly next. Three dollars per gallon before summer will look cheap in the future. Solar panels and windmills? Next winter our home heating bills will be less also.

Because of you all those born with male genitalia can now legally outrun females by 20 meters in the 100 meter dash. Becasuse of you America will now donate hundreds of millions of dollars to the Paris Climate Accord nations while the major polluter, China, gets a pass.

Because of you we will donate more millions to Iran while they resist inspections of their nuclear facilities in hopes they will be less likely to continue as the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism.

Because of you white America has to be reminded on a daily basis that our nation suffers from institutional racism. How’s that for unity?

Because of you we are about to waste another $1.9 trillion after we have already blown $4 trillion. New flash: America, we the people are closing in on $30 trillion debt. Guess what? Most of it is borrowed. This time the teachers, blue state governments, and many people like me, who don’t need it, will be given another $1,400 check. God bless the children for they will inherit the national debt.

Because of you in the near future the Trump tax cuts will be eliminated, crushing the best economy in 50 years, prior to the (COVID-19) virus.

They say socialism is great until they run out of other people’s money. Because of you we’re headed, rather quickly, in that direction. All because Trump hurt your feelings? It is obvious that you turned your backs to an American First policy because you are soft. Thank God my mother was a tough lady.

Michael K. Roby



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