Biden’s Presidency to date

Dear Editor,

I must admit that I was very optimistic upon the election of Joseph Robinette Biden II as the 46th President of our great country, as a result of his outstanding and illustrious career in government, having served in the U.S. Senate, representing his home state of Delaware from January 1973 until his resignation to then serve as vice-president of the United States under President Barack Obama, where he served admirably from 2009-2017.

In addition, in his 35 years in the U.S. Senate Mr. Biden was very productive, sponsoring 1,071 pieces of legislation, and was well-known, and highly respected, for his willingness to work with all senators regardless of party, in order to pass legislation that would be of benefit to the American people.

Also, during his tenure as vice-president, Mr. Biden developed a reputation for being one of the msot influential, industrious, and productive vice-presidents in U.S. history.

As president, Mr. Biden has certainly accomplished a great deal thus far, including producing more private sector jobs that have been careated in a comparable tenure by and U.S. president in decades, reviving what had been struggling economy, the U.S. racing a 50-year low in unemployment, the passing of a much-needed infrastructure bill, helping to unite NATO in support of Ukraine, reversing the horrific impact of COVID-19, as well as numerous other noteworthy achievements.

However, during the Biden administration to date significant areas of concern have taken the U.S. “off stride,” with inflation reaching a 40-eyar high, gas prices at near $5 per gallon, a significant shortage of baby formula being experienced, a “deadlocked” Congress, the war in Ukraine and the Biden administration’s apparent difficulty in resolving the aforementioned have contributed greatly to President Biden’s approval rating at a historic low 35 percent, which is even lower than that of President Trump during a comparable time in office.

Although President Biden began his presidency with relatively high approval numbers, such began to dramatically decline in August 2021, as a result of the chaotic U.S. military withdrawl from Afghanistan, and the downward trend has continued ever since.

I am hopeful that President Biden will resort to his former persona and exhibit the leadership of which he is capably, and no longer attempt to reflect blame on others, and successfully address, and eventually resolve, existing and future challenges, and will keep all Americans informed as to specific as to how he is addressing, or plans to address, and eventually resolve areas of concern by returning to regular public meetings and press conferences.

President Biden essentially needs to return to the “Joe Biden public leader” the nation, and the world, has long known, and has highly respected, throughout his long career in government for the good of the Democratic Party, the country and the world.

Richard Hord

Martins Ferry


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