Belmont College Focuses on What’s Ahead

ST. CLAIRSVILLE — Over the past year, Belmont College has continued to maintain and launch several exciting initiatives.

The new Health Sciences Center, the region’s premier health care education facility, is now the home to all Belmont College Nursing and Health Science programs.

The new building, opened in fall of 2015, features state-of-the-art classrooms and science labs for biology, anatomy, and chemistry.

These high-tech spaces enhance the learning environment and provide opportunities for students to nurture collaboration and innovation. The new facility is located near the Belmont College Main Campus overlooking Fox-Shannon Park.

Another exciting new addition at Belmont is the BeConnected initiative, which supplies an iPad for every student, faculty member and the majority of staff members for integration into every facet of student life.

“The main focus of the BeConnected initiative is to put technology into the hands of every one of our students while remaining affordable at the same time,” said Paul F. Gasparro, Belmont College president.

“We hope that this initiative will bring a whole new level of knowledge and experience for our students as well as save them money on the cost of books.”

The initiative also supports Belmont’s sustainability program, as it has already begun to reduce the need and cost for books, printing and paper supplies.

Additionally, enrollment numbers at the college have continued a steady increase over the last year.

According to college officials, as of Jan. 24, the number of students enrolled for the spring term has increased 2.2 percent compared to the same time-period last year.

This enrollment growth follows a Fall 2016 headcount enrollment increase of 11.92 percent and establishes an increase for more than two consecutive years.

“This continued increase is a direct reflection of the hard work that our faculty, staff, and students put forth to make Belmont College a success,” said Gasparro.

Belmont College, which has been assisting the residents of the Ohio Valley in achieving their educational and career goals for more than 40 years, currently, offers more than 25 academic degrees and 20 certificates in a wide variety of program areas.

In addition, the Workforce Development and Community Education Department offers classes for those seeking training without the extended time commitment of completing a degree or certificate. Offerings include: CDL; pharmacy technician; real estate; STNA; and welding.

Furthermore, Belmont provides students access to on-site and online classes for a variety of credit and non-credit programs including: Building preservation/restoration, business, computer and information technology, early childhood education, engineering technology, industrial trades, nursing/health cciences, and public safety. In addition to the Main Campus in St. Clairsville, classes are also offered at satellite locations in Cadiz, at the Harrison County Center as well as in Woodsfield, at the Monroe County Center.

For more information about Belmont College, contact the Main Campus in St. Clairsville, Ohio at 740-695-9500 or call toll free (in Ohio) 800-423-1188, or online at belmontcollege.edu.


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