Davison Audiology Offers 60 Years Of Experience And Five Locations

With over 60 years combined experience and five locations, Davison Audiology offers the most comprehensive education, counseling and habilitation of hearing loss in the Ohio Valley. Whether your hearing loss is sudden, gradual, caused by a medical condition, or considered permanent, we offer professional advice regarding your options. We work closely with all physicians including ear, nose and throat specialists.

All of Davison’s professional hearing evaluations are performed by certified licensed audiologists. These tests are not free but are typically covered by insurance with a physician’s order. Audiologists are the only professionals recognized by third-party payers and permitted to bill for hearing testing services. In addition to these services, Davison Audiology offers 90-day hearing aid trials, which is unprecedented, with no pressure to purchase. For this reason it is recommended that online shopping and hearing aid buying groups be avoided as well as all advertising displaying pictures and prices of hearing aids. Many of these companies participate in bait-and-switch advertising which is confusing and often times more expensive to the consumer. Some advertisers even use the word audiology when they do not employ audiologists on site.

Regardless of your symptoms, tinnitus, difficulty understanding speech, trouble hearing in noise, feeling that everyone mumbles, talking loud, needing speech repeated, difficulty hearing women and children, playing the TV too loud, or declaring that you just have selective hearing, Davison Audiology can help. Our team of professionals will explain your test results and provide our expert opinion and affordable solutions in a professional environment where adequate time is allowed to answer your questions.

Davison Audiology ensures that there are affordable solutions to all hearing problems especially regarding the purchase of amplification devices and assistive listening devices. Davison Audiology works closely with all agencies to offer a variety of technology levels and price points. No interest financing is available as well as hearing solutions for the less fortunate.

Contact Davison Audiology at 740-695-1058 or email questions to davisonaudiology.com for all of your hearing health care needs.

You can also visit the business on the web at davisonaudiology.com.


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