Various projects in Barnesville taking shape, some of the work being criticized

BARNESVILLE — Village Council earlier this month received updates on a number of village projects with one councilman taking issue with some of the work being performed by contractors as well as village crews.

While reviewing bills to be approved for payment at the meeting held on Sept. 14, Councilman Steve Hill raised questions concerning a $940 charge for mowing and clearing the three trails in Barnesville Memorial Park.

Councilman Terry McCort said he thought that work was contracted out due to manpower availability.

When Hill said he thought it could be handled by the village’s two full-time employees who take care of the park, Village Administrator Roger Deal said there was some specialized equipment needed to do the task.

Deal added that his office could look into acquiring the equipment so it could be handled “in-house.”

Deal also said that the trail maintenance in question is performed about twice each year.

Hill also complained about culverts in the park being clogged, causing the water to flow over and wash out “good stone” that had recently been put down on one of the trails. He again pointed out that with two full-time employees that should not happen.

Councilman McCort said that this had not been an issue in the past and that he believed it was due to the numerous heavy rains this season.

McCort also said he had long supported paving that trail and mused that the village had spent more money on stone over the years than it would have cost to pave it.

Hill took exception with another invoice in particular, saying that the work performed did not meet what was promised or expected.

Deal said he had already contacted the contractor, who would meet with village officials about the issue.

Deal updated council concerning an upcoming intersection safety improvement project that will be performed at no cost to the village through an initiative of Gov. Mike DeWine using funds raised by the hike in gasoline taxes that was implemented last year.

Deal said that the intersection at South Chestnut and South streets is now being included along with Barnesville’s main intersection of two state highways at Main and Chestnut streets, and that a host of improvements are slated to be put in place including upgraded traffic lights, poles, control boxes and signage.

Deal said that push buttons and timers for pedestrian crossings are part of the project and that only one parking spot in front of Corner Pharmacy will be eliminated while some others will have to be adjusted.

Deal said they could expect work to begin early next year.


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