Founding Fathers are rolling in graves

Dear Editor,

Our democracy is crumbling in front of us and I feel there’s nothing we can do about it.

I never thought I would see the day when an attorney would be in front of our Senate claiming that it doesn’t matter if a president asked a foreign nation to meddle in our campaign affairs and that’s just what Alan Dershowitz did this week.

What does Trump have on all of these people?

He must have information about each one that would ruin them, because I can’t believe they would all put their re-election above doing what’s right for our country.

I always felt America would be protected because of our beautifully crafted Constitution. Our Founding Fathers guaranteed this by devising a government of checks and balances.

Now we have a Senate which is ignoring this fundamental principle.

I understand that Trump supporters like his “in your face,” vulgar, bullying personality. I don’t know why they would want a president who acts in this way.

No president has been perfect, but at least we need one who can pretend to be dignified and respectful towards people. In a time when social media has increased bullying, we need a leader who can show our children that even when we don’t agree with someone we can treat them with respect, not call them names. His behavior has spread over our whole country, promoting this vilification.

I’m sure the Founding Fathers are turning over in their graves.

Pattie Meyer

Powhatan Point


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