President Trump and Catholics

Dear Editor,

My name is John Ney. I am a practicing Catholic with deep concerns for the future of our children and grandchildren.

Do you realize that since our country legalized the murder of our unborn children, President Trump is the first sitting president to attend and support the Right to Life rally?

I believe it is time for our Catholic hierarchy to take a stand, regardless of the consequences, actively voice and point out that there are political parties and politicians that support our Catholic values and those that do not.

I encourage that all people, Catholic or not, who have a concern that our country is slowly but surely going to hell in a handbasket voice this same concern.

It is obvious to me that voicing this concern to our politicians is a waste of time, breath, and ink.

I have tried to no avail.

Twenty-four percent of the population of our country are Catholic.

We can make a difference and guide this country back to the Christian values that The United States was founded on.

I question:

Why are not all of our bishops and cardinals in this country taking a stand against political entities that harbor values completely against Catholic/Christian values?

“The Greatest Generation” left us with a country that had some semblance of morals, etiquette, and values.

Look what we have now:


They don’t exist from the common man to the highest office of the land.


It is hard to find a young woman of today who has experienced the joy and euphoria of being treated as a lady as their mothers or grandmothers were so treated.


If it benefits me or if it doesn’t affect me, regardless if it is right or wrong, it is OK with me and I am not going to speak up.

What poor stewards of this great country we have been.

President Kennedy once said: “In order for evil to prevail; Good men should do nothing.”

Catholic Bishop Sheen said: “When the Abnormal becomes the Norm, Satan is in our midst.”

One quote from a man of the cloth, the other from a politician, both members of “The Greatest Generation.”

I for one do not intend to sit by and do nothing.

I encourage “all good men” to give this some serious thought, and if you think we need to change the path our country is on then voice it openly and at the ballot box.

The laws of the United States, good or bad, emanate from our elected officials.

I strongly encourage that the Catholic bishop of Steubenville, Bishop Jeffery Monforton, to take the lead in this country.

Encourage your priests to preach and expose from the pulpit that there are elected officials and political entities who support our Christian values and those that do not.

John F. Ney



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