An ideal President

Dear Editor,

Here is an agenda for an honorable and dignified President:

NATIONAL SECURITY: Our President’s most sacred duty is to protect the people of the United States. Diplomacy should always be the first defensive method to be used to protect our national security. There are three scenarios when the military might be morally deployed: 1) When the U.S. is being attacked; 2) When an ally or weak nation is subject to imminent military destruction; and 3) When a natural disaster requires significant assistance to save a large number of lives. The President must negotiate nuclear arms control treaties with Iran, Russia, China and North Korea.

CHARACTER: Our President must be noble. The President must be righteous, honest, respectful, empathetic, and competent. (Corruption, insults, lying, bragging and incompetency must go.)

DEMOCRACY: Our President must make sure every citizen is provided with a free and fair chance to vote. The President must make sure foreign sources are prevented from interfering in elections. Immigration policies must be compassionate.

HEALTH CARE: Our President must make sure every American has quality, affordable health and mental health care from a variety of choices, including Medicare Option, Medicaid, Medicaid Expansion, and private companies.

ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION: Our President must be a leader in controlling global warming. The U.S. must rejoin the world in the Paris Climate Agreement. The President must take the lead in developing carbon free renewable energy. The President must lead in protecting our water ways and the oceans.

RACISM: Our President must fight against prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism against someone of a different race or religion. Everyone must be equally respected.

GUN CONTROL: Our President must take the lead to save over 30,000 killed and over 100,000 wounded by guns each year. The President must take legal measures to enact universal background checks, outlaw semi-automatic weapons and reduce the size of bullet clips to no more than five.

ECONOMY: Our President must make sure everyone has a fair shot at equality, humanity and justice. It is time for a fair share for everyone. Homelessness and the 1 in 6 children living in poverty must be made unacceptable. The President must protect our safety net of Social Security, disability insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, housing vouchers, SNAP, etc. The President must fight for a minimum wage of $15/hour; free community college and a trillion dollar infrastructure repair and expansion (with a major cut in military spending to pay for infrastructure).

As Congressman, and civil rights icon, John Lewis says, “We must continue to keep the faith, keep our eyes on the prize, and vote like we never, ever voted before to redeem our nation’s soul.” We must return an ideal President of honor and dignity to the White House.

Bill Bryant

St. Clairsville


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