Ballots And Batons

Dear Editor,       

What a week! 

The Times Leader and other scribes read as thriller novels and children stories. 

Both seem as whimsical.         

My thought to the first idea, “ballots” (thriller) is there must not be enough forensic evidence to prove a fraud or other crimes.  That must be in the last chapter.  As to the “baton” thought, one is twirled and the other is a law enforcement implement.       

And here is where it gets sorta real.  “TAKE YOUR KNEES OFF MY BALLOT (I can’t breathe nor believe).”             

As “Alice In Wonderland” said, “Things are getting curious, and curiouser.”

Well, I took my mind off of COVID for a bit.      

Through the muffle of my mask, I say,  I’m uncertain myself and some others really are worth nor need an injection.  Back to the rabbit hole. Be safe, 

Sam Fregiato 

St. Clairsville 


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