Alecto ready to serve valley

WHEELING — Alecto Healthcare acquired Ohio Valley Medical Center and East Ohio Regional Hospital on June 1 because it believes in meeting the health care needs of communities like Wheeling and Martins Ferry and it believes in the long-term future of OVMC and EORH as providers of high-quality health care to all members of the community.

Through Alecto Healthcare’s purchase of OVMC and EORH, more than 1,400 jobs were retained on both sides of the Ohio River.

The Ohio Valley Medical Group was also formed, which includes more than 6 0 providers in areas ranging from family medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, to specialty services such as orthopedics, oncology, pulmonology and interventional and diagnostic cardiology.

Since the June acquisition, Alecto has been working closely with OVMC’s and EORH’s dedicated employees and physicians to identify and begin much-needed and long-awaited improvements.

A large amount of cash has been infused into the organization, providing updates to everything from fresh paint to new computers and new medical equipment. OVMC and EORH now house cutting-edge technology through the purchase of new patient care equipment such as Mindray Cardiac Heart Monitors and Electrocardiogram machines (EKG). In addition, EORH has reopened a state-of-the-art Cardiac Catheterization Lab with plans in place to expand to interventional cardiology by the end of the year.

An infrastructure overhaul has also begun at OVMC and EORH, both internally and externally with the remodeling of the facilities — all of this to improve the overall patient experience and provide greater access to care for all members of the community.

In addition, they plan to offer multiple community outreach events to citizens in the Ohio Valley. In the coming months they will offer four flu shot clinics, a Medicare 101 information program, Pink Power Night and many more events focusing on the health and wellness of the community.

According to Alecto Healthcare CEO Lex Reddy, “We are a community-focused health care system and we are looking forward to working with the residents of both sides of the river in addition to supporting our physicians, employees and volunteers.”

In the spring, when Alecto leadership began talking with members of the community, one message was heard loud and clear — those who live and are raising their families here want a choice when it comes to their healthcare.

Alecto responded to the concerns of the community members, rose to the challenge and now is looking forward to the continued support of the community it is striving to serve.

Alecto has also been meeting with local elected officials and community leaders to identify ways in which Alecto, OVMC and EORH can better serve the needs of the residents of the Upper Ohio Valley and beyond.

Alecto looks forward to being a member of the community for years to come and working with the dedicated employees, physicians, elected officials and local leaders to make OVMC and EORH the destination of choice for quality health care for all members of the community.


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